Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uncle Ted died at the age of 79 (same age as his brother Julius)
Born Paul Theodor Strand (7-6-1909 to 3-28-1989) the 4th child of Louis and Tilda Strand
Married Evelyn Laura Anderson on 4-23-1931.
Evelyn (2-27-10 to 11-10-19770 died at the age of 67 and the following year Uncle Ted
married Margaret Irene Swanson (12-29-1911 to 6-25-1988).

Memories of Uncle Ted:
Lived in a house in Svea behind the Lutheran Church
Uncle Ted worked on the railroad and fix TVs for a hobby
Sang on the radio
Ted and Evelyn had two sons Darrell Conrad Strand (4-1-1932) and Paul Jerome Strand (4-13-1936). Darrell married Doris and they live in a city halfway between the twin cities and Willmar. Julius, Fern and Susan would often stop at their home on their way home from visits in the cities.
Uncle Ted always had soda in the frig to share with visitors
Uncle Ted loved to laugh and tease.
Aunt Evelyn was from the Anderson linage and they had a strong Scandinavian accent. It was fun to mimic her. It seemed that all the sisters sounded alike.
Ted and Margaret actually visited Susan when she lived in Seattle.