Monday, February 8, 2010

I got this information from "Butch" on 1-26-07.

Re Granpa Strand, I was told he had a brother, Andrew, who immigrated with Grandpa and he stayed in ND when Grandpa moved back to Blomkest.
I was told that Grandma Strands' dad missed his daughters so much that he bought to adjacent farms and gave them to his daughters. That would be Grandpas'
home place and Stan Lundgrens would be Grandma Strands' original home and I think Auntie Johnsons' would be the other.

Ellen left me two charcoal sketches, one of Grandpas'
dad, Daniel, and the other is of Karin? (sp).

They emigrated after Grandpa. The story I've been told was that Daniel was a retired stonemason and died after heing hit by a hammer head that flew off his helpers hammer. He was finishing the stoning of the bottom of the well when it happened. Dad said that he lived for several hours, pain-free, and organized his funeral, the slept away. I believe he was in his 70'
or 80's. He's buried in the Blomkest church cemetary where we buried Lily.

Also, either Ellen or Lily told me that Daniel had raised two families and that Grandpa was from the second wife. I think it was Lily who discovered this when they traveled to Sweden and checked the old church records.

Karin, I was told, died very young, 22 or 23, only weeks after her wedding. Pnuemonia, I think.

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