Friday, February 12, 2010

Louis and Tilda Strand--I am assuming that this is their wedding picture

The three oldest: Ellen, Julius and Roy
Info from Butch on 2/11/10
Ellen told me that they were told to be serious for the picture, but Julius just couldn't keep a straight face! She said Julius was full of mischief as a kid. Doesn't Roy look like a young adult on a babie's body? The picture is terribly faded, so I pooped up the contrast a bit. If anyone wants to play around with the original scans, let me know.

I asked Dad why he wasn't in the photo of the homeplace, and he said his mom was pregnant with him at the time. I also said the house and the car (Dad guessed it was a 1916 or'17 Dodge) looked quite new.

Dad guessed that they may have had money from the sale of the ND homestead. The house was built on the foundation of the original homeplace.

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