Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Memories of Martin and Ellen Larson

The best dinner rolls I have ever tasted
Date filled cookies
Holiday meals-lefse yum, butter and brown sugar
Women in the kitchen around the table and men in the living room
The brothers talking in Swedish and laughing until they cried
Where they always sat in church
Uncle Martin was hard of hearing
Auntie Ellen’s love of flowers
Hardwood floors like a skating rink
Auntie Ellen’s sewing-I believe she made the dresses for David’s wedding
Playing in the basement or back bedroom
The little shack in the back with mosquito netting windows
Across the street from Grandpa
Elm trees
My last visit with Ellen in 1998-how she cried when I left
The Nash (upside down bath tub)

Background of what I know:
Ellen worked in a millinery shop and was an exceptional seamstress
Martin worked on the railroad.

I am not sure how they met

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